Estate Auctions

Estate Auctions

Learn why to sell estates at Auction.

Our auction team specializes in estate sales. An estate is defined as the real estate and or personal belongings of an individual. Estates can be assets of someone living or deceased. Estates can take someone weeks, months or even longer to liquidate. Trying to decide who gets what, finding a buyer for so many items at the correct price can really be challenging. Estates at Auction are liquidated at a known, advertised, convenient time, normally in one day.

Auctions achieve market value in a relatively short period of time. Our auction professionals handle everything. From helping with court procedures, meeting with attorneys, assisting with having surveys conducted, to organizing, cleaning, and arranging of personal property, (furniture, antiques, glassware).

With 1 or 25 heirs, auctions are a fair and popular way to liquidate an estate. While some heirs or other family members may have an interest to purchase real estate, vehicles, or personal property. This may be achieved at the auction. While other heirs may not want to purchase items. This retains all fairness and honesty.

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